Inside every company, every organisation and every product are hidden brand truths. Revealing those truths so that they are understood and clarified visually, releases the potential power of a company or product story.

From naming and corporate identity creation to brand guardians and guidelines, we understand the importance of positioning a business in its’ own unique space. Initially, we like to get under the skin of your business, to understand and extrapolate the core values, what you really stand for, what makes you unique and how best to play to your strengths. From here we can focus the thinking and see a clear picture of how best to visually communicate your brand and help reflect your story.

Typical areas of expertise

Brand Identity
Brand Naming
Brand Guidelines

Example case study

John Sisk & Son part of The Sisk Group is the leading building contractor in Ireland and has regional offices in the UK. Band were appointed to help the company achieve a step change in Health and Safety.


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