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Lend Lease is a large multi - national, real estate services company of Australian origin. A Plc, which is listed on the Australian market. In 1999, Lend Lease purchased Bovis, the prestigious British, construction and real estate company. The company had previously been owned by P&O. It was around this time that Band partner Jim Andrews began working with Lend Lease on a consultative basis, initially on projects for the companies Pharmaceutical division, which had also acquired a highly innovative pharmaceutical engineering business and the Micro electronics division, who had acquired a Dutch based specialist in the design, construction and project management of highly sophisticated and extremely expensive micro chip manufacturing plants called FABs.

Help us to tell our story.Both divisions put talking to their prospective clients and markets high on their priority lists. An external ‘story telling ‘exercise for the newly merged divisions. But what was the story? What should be said that would build a point of difference? Would the stories be credible? Would they appeal to prospective clients? What awareness did these prospects already have of any of the newly merged businesses? How did they rate them next to their competitors? What if the news was bad?

Before telling the story, discover what the clients think, what they would like to hear, is the story credible? Before talking to the markets, we undertook in depth interviews with clients and prospective clients to get an up to the minute perception and awareness of these Lend Lease companies strengths and weaknesses relative to their competitors. The interviews also sought to discover what issues these clients had that were not being managed by their supplier partners.

Define the most compelling offering relative to the above findings. Having established a greater understanding of what clients thought about both businesses, their competitors and of course what the clients themselves required, we ran a number of workshops with Bovis Lend Lease senior management in different locations throughout the world, put in place to achieve consensus over the key strengths of the businesses relative to the clients needs.

Establish a brand proposition and agree vision and core values. In collaboration with the directors and using the combined outputs, we established a compelling core brand proposition, which truly describes what the businesses have to offer, what makes them unique. This was underpinned by a set of values to define behaviour and a vision to instruct and guide aspiration.

Step 5: Implement the new brand proposition,‘Intelligently Managing Successful Outcomes’. Unilateral agreement, that despite the complex nature of the projects, their size, geography or resource requirement, the primary role that is played by each Lend Lease division is the orchestration of the project; intelligently managing every aspect of it to ensure delivery of excellent solutions for clients anywhere on the planet. This is a fundamental and justifiable truth that can be used to underpin communication messages by interrogating case histories to reveal excellent examples. It is also harnessed as a short hand, powerful catalyst and enabler, providing a yardstick to staff to judge how apt, innovative and well managed their proposals to new clients are, a means through which to guide and inform almost any initiative or project in the company simply by applying the question ‘Is this solution going to provide an intelligently managed successful outcome to this project? ‘

Create an appropriate, distinct and differentiated visual ‘personality’ to compliment the brand proposition. The term ‘appropriate’ is a highly important yardstick here. It guides the evolution of the visual personality, the vocabulary of which needs to be articulated carefully. Both these Lend Lease divisions operate in markets dominated by heavy engineering, a sector which is noted for its’ uninspiring communication materials. A great opportunity therefore, for the Lend Lease companies to shine and dominate with a more considered, consistent message and visual style. The key to our approach here was again driven by logic. The team at Lend Lease had set their business model on what they called upstream engagement. A principle which involves getting into the project right at its’ inception, even pre inception. Providing consultative relationships providing front end planning, then providing services across every facet of a project right through to start-up, commissioning and in the case of the pharmaceutical industry, validation of the project and the processes even managing the facility once it is complete.

Prepare an on going marketing and communications strategy. Develop budgets and recommended spend. Prepare media plan and PR strategy. In the past, Lend Lease had not been involved in producing proactive marketing plans or deliverables. Like most of their competitors, everything tended to be reactive, disparate, and inconsistent. As a consequence, with a proactive approach, it would not be too difficult to dominate with a well thought out campaign of activity. Producing excellent communication deliverables is bang on brand. Also, for a relatively small but considered investment, create a lasting relevant impression.

Evolve the programme; work with the internal teams to help bring the brand to life. As the campaign unfolded, band put in place proactive initiatives. Specialist exhibitions were exploited, the stands designed, the literature created, badging designed, support materials and interactive emails written designed and produced. Each consistently harnessing the personality and visual style. A quarterly high quality technical trade journal is also written, designed and published by the team at Band. Speakers and delegate opportunities are leveraged, the annual report revitalised, corporate brochures designed and written, the www overhauled and re-designed and a series of facilitated brand workshops for staff are rolled out.

Continue to monitor and evaluate awareness and perception. At the time a survey commissioned by The Financial Times on the world’s most respected companies ranked Bovis Lend Lease Pharmaceutical 9th in the top ten companies in Energy and Chemical alongside DuPont, BP, Royal Dutch Shell, Bayer, and Exxon Mobil. A remarkable and important turnaround in the awareness and status of this company.

Work undertaken

  • Corporate identity
  • Branding
  • Corporate literature
  • Stationery design
  • Website design
  • Digital advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Signage/way-finding
  • Exhibitions/events
  • 3D visuals
  • Brochure design
  • Photography
  • Internal comms
  • Presentations
  • Film/video

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